Vätskebehållare Rizoma Notch , Svart Matt, CT157BM

1,013.00 kr

Machined from billet aluminum
▪ Different sizes for different applications
▪ Functional and aesthetic site glass
▪ Five colors available

All the CT fluid tanks are furnished with EDPM seal (black color) and are compatible with DOT 3 / DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 oil.



Volume: 31 cm3 – Height: 55 mm – Ø 51.5 mm.
Fluid reservoirs are supplied with an EPDM gasket and are compatible with DOT 3/DOT 4/DOT 5.1 oils.
Recommended use: front brake pump.
The kit includes 3 nozzles (1 x Ø 7 mm, ang. 90° + 1 piece Ø 8 mm, ang. 90° + 1 piece Ø 8 mm).


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